We Are Half Way There

Below is a review of the past six months. This week’s lesson is simply to take some time and review the previous six months’ topics. See what stands out to you. Make two kinds of notes: First, reflect upon what is working—what improvements and changes you are developing and seeing in your life.

Second, see what hits you right between the eyes—areas you see that you can grow or improve upon. Make notes as to which one or two things you can, or should, start doing to help bring more awareness and change. Finally, ask yourself, “Am I heading in the right direction?”

Here’s a formula you can follow to stay on pace:

– Take care of the daily to-do’s.
– Invest time (average 5 to 10 percent) on a regular basis toward future planning and projects.
– Invest time (2 to 5 percent) cleaning up old projects or messes.
– Finish strong and don’t create new messes that will need to be cleaned up in the future.

If you follow this formula, you might find yourself getting a little frustrated in the short term—especially if you have a number of messes to clean up—because it might seem like progress is slow. But, over a given period of time, you will start to see amazing progress on many levels. Your daily consistency will keep you on schedule with your projects and deadlines; your future planning will soon find itself reaping present rewards; your commitment to cleaning up messes will begin saving you time as you become more organized—mentally and in your workspace—and your efforts to finish strong and not make new messes will continually help to create more time for higher-end duties.

As with any long-term plan or goal, including The N.J.W Blog, results start to emerge slowly, but, like a snowball going downhill, they will increase rapidly the longer you consistently invest in them.

Again, below is a review of the past six months. Please take the time to read through and answer the questions above.

—Personal Development
Week One: Part One—The Journey
Week Two: Part Two—The Plan
Week Three: Part Three—Influence and Association
Week Four: Part Four—Learning and Education

Week Five: Part One—Evaluation and Reflection
Week Six: Part Two—Establishing Dreams and Goals
Week Seven: Part Three—SMART Goals
Week Eight: Open Week
Week Nine: Part Four—Accountability

– Health-Spiritual/Physical/Emotional
Week 10: Part One—Spiritual Health
Week 11: Part Two—Emotional Health
Week 12: Part Three—Physical Health: Nutrition
Week 13: Part Four—Physical Health: Exercise

Week 14: Part One—Getting Out of Debt
Week 15: Part Two—Saving
Week 16: Part Three—Investing
Week 17: Part Four—Giving

Week 18: Part One—Basics of Healthy Relationships
Week 19: Part Two—Family and Spousal Relationships
Week 20: Part Three—Friendships
Week 21: Part Four—Business Relationships

—Time Management
Week 22: Part One—Philosophy and Values
Week 23: Part Two—Creating a Proactive Schedule
Week 24: Part Three—Breaking Through Barriers
Week 25: Part Four—Gaining More Time

Upcoming Events:
Event Seven—Networking/Referrals
Event Eight—Selling
Event Nine—Communication/Presentation
Event 10—Leadership
Event 11—Memory/Speed-Reading
Event 12—Legacy/Contribution

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