The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy

3. The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy. This week I will cover both how to leave a spiritual legacy as well as how to leave an “impact legacy.” The core of who we are as individuals is spiritual. We were created with the intention of relating to God through our spiritual life.Continue reading “The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy”

Powerful and Effective Presentations and Using Communication

1. Fundamentals of Effective Communication and Overcoming the Obstacles of Communication. A few weeks ago, I covered the basics of communication so you can say it well. This lays the groundwork for everything else I talk about this month. We also covered those obstacles that might get between you and effective communication. 2. Improving Relationship andContinue reading “Powerful and Effective Presentations and Using Communication”

Selling and Negotiation Skills, Part One

Hello and welcome back to Week 31 of The N.J.W Blog. I hope you’ve had a successful week and you’re ready for this week’s edition. This week we begin with our topic—Selling and Negotiation Skills. I will be sharing many great insights on this topic, and I know that you will definitely benefit from them. OneContinue reading “Selling and Negotiation Skills, Part One”