The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy

3. The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy. This week I will cover both how to leave a spiritual legacy as well as how to leave an “impact legacy.” The core of who we are as individuals is spiritual. We were created with the intention of relating to God through our spiritual life.Continue reading “The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy and an Impact Legacy”

Lifelong Learning

The Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner I cannot emphasize enough the need to be a learner in every area of your life. Learning is integral to growth and, consequently, success. As you’ve heard me say in my audios, formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Because here’s what’sContinue reading “Lifelong Learning”

Six Stages of Learning.

1. You Are a Genius! Last week, I discussed ways to unlock and tap into the incredible and powerful potential in your mind. I also covered the attitudes of successful learners and showed how your attitude about learning will determine how far you go in your life and career. 2. Six Stages of Learning. This week, IContinue reading “Six Stages of Learning.”

Nonverbal Communication

let’s take a moment to review the topics I am covering on the subject of communication this month: 1. Fundamentals of Effective Communication and Overcoming the Obstacles of Communication. Last week, I covered the basics of communication so you can say it well. This lays the groundwork for everything else I talk about this month. WeContinue reading “Nonverbal Communication”

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